Welcome to Savannah Springs Township in the Heart of Southwest Dantooine

We are a small, progressive community located in the scenic Savannah region of southwestern Dantooine. Our government, businesses and citizens are partners in building a future that retains our small town character and agricultural roots.

Savannah Springs is framed by standing stones, orange grasslands, and plateaus and mountains of astounding beauty. It is located very near Imperial-accredited water sources, and shares the Savannah space with several structures of historical and cultural import, including a nearby Old Republic-era Jedi Shrine.

Proudly hosting a Reformed Twi'lek Temple and a traditional Wookiee Temple, Savannah Springs is a city full of gardens, history, and culture. Our township is proud of its multicultural heritage, and its active citizenry.

Festival of Busmalla 2010

Festival of Busmalla 2009

A celebration of love, life, romance, birth, and fertility, this Wookiee festival day celebrates the female Wookiee deity, Busmalla ("Living Beauty"), who was fashioned from flowers and herbs by Drynik, the great Ciirva and son of Attagra, to be the bride of Lofchit.

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Breaking Local News

First Friday has been cancelled for next month ((April 2010)), due to its proximity to Durni Day ((Easter)). The Drunken Dewie Pub hopes to get things back on schedule the following month ((May 2010)).

Lovefest was a great success at the Drunken Dewie Pub! Be sure to visit the Pub page, or check out the latest issue of the Great Tree for the full event report!

The Festival of Busmalla was a great success this year! Be sure to visit the event report here on the mainpage, or as covered in the latest issue of the Great Tree.

The Great Tree is in the process of opening their official press office in the Savannah Springs Municipal Building located on Ironbark Square. These new offices will enable the editors of the Great Tree to provide you with better updates of all the local goings-on. Please see the new Great Tree Press page for further details of all upcoming news stories, but of course, continue to stay tuned here for all Breaking News.

As most citizens of Savannah Springs know, Kneela and Mallakazza were dispatched to Kashyyyk, following a lead concerning an ancient Wookiee disease which mirrored the symptoms of CTS. They returned to us, not only bearing the cure, but also with a new friend: Sa'zen Rosh, a doctor serving on Kashyyyk with the organization Doctors Across Blockades (DAB). Thanks to their tireless efforts, and those of Dr. Rosh, we are happy to report that Siolo is doing well, and the cure has been passed on to Alliance Intelligence officials.